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Want to Close More Sales? Use the ‘Yes Set’ Technique

Posted on by David Quintanilla

It’s a long, expensive process to get your leads through the sales funnel. You’ve introduced yourself and offered something of value in exchange for an email opt-in. Then you followed up with an email or two, building rapport with some free info. The last thing you want is for your hard work to go waste …

12 Easy Steps to More Persuasive Copywriting

Posted on by David Quintanilla
Apples famous 'shot on iPhone' advertisement

Would you like to write in a way that leaves readers hanging on every word? Can you imagine, driving twice as many opt-ins with your copy? Persuasive copywriting is the secret ingredient of great content. It inspires readers to click, subscribe and buy – what every good marketer wants, right? If there’s a single most important skill in internet …

10 Ways to Build Rapport in Sales

Posted on by David Quintanilla
Lightbulb that hints at creative ways to build rapport in sales

In our previous post we took a look at what rapport is and the usefulness of rapport building in sales. Now we’re going to look at actual methods to build rapport in sales. When you’ve established rapport with your audience, they are eager to engage with you and they’ll want you to succeed. They’ll be …

What Rapport is and Why it is Crucial in Sales

Posted on by David Quintanilla
friends with rapport

What is rapport? Rapport can be understood as the trust that you have with someone in the moment. Key part being in the moment. Rapport isn’t the trust you’ve built with someone over the years, it’s based on what’s going on in the room right now. If you have rapport with someone, you have their trust in that …

Overcoming Objections in Sales

Posted on by David Quintanilla
salesperson thinking of objections in sales

There are always objections in sales. You’re going to get rejected sometimes. Some people aren’t ready to buy and may never be. But everyone else is looking at you, as a company representative, to help them make the right decision. Whether they don’t see the value in your product or don’t have the time to learn about your …

What Marketing is and What it’s not

Posted on by David Quintanilla
Image of a dollar bill symbolizing what marketing is about

As a business consultant, I often find my clients have misguided ideas about marketing and what it is. There’s many varying definitions of marketing so I’ll do my best to provide a guideline for what marketing is and what it’s not. The Noble Definition of Marketing At Noble.Marketing we define marketing like this A manner of thinking that …